Why Choose Organic Makeup brands

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Everything we do from hair care to make up, comes at a cost. The products we apply to our face can clog our pores, dry our skin and age us prematurely. We apply one product to help correct our acne and then have to apply another to help with the over drying. If we use products that offer 24 hour coverage we now are likely adding toxins to our skin which can result in the off balance and lead to more problems. We put on our daily mascara but also are damaging our lashes as we do. So is there any steps we can take to decrease the damage we cause by applying our foundation, eye make up and lip stick? Yes, We can use more natural products such as Organic Make up Brands.

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There is a solution that can increase the health of your skin and also the health of your life. In the recent years is has come to our attention that the chemicals that we use daily can have life long effects. There are certain chemicals and ingredients found in our make up drawer that we should be staying away from. For example Methyl, Propyl, Butyl and Ethyl Parabens. While this additives extend the shelf life of the product it can cause skin rashes and irritations and has been found in human cancer cells. Many have turned to Organic Makeup Brands. While these products are not actually organic that do offer a more natural and toxin free option. The reason that they are not organic is that the term “organic” is reserved for food products. The FDA does not regulate the minerals and ingredients and verify that they are grown in a chemical free area. However just the choice of minerals over parabens is a step up from the usual products that we apply to our skin.

The list of chemicals in our make up and skin products that are potentially toxic is too long to be able to check every time we make a purchase. However choosing more natural products decreases the risk of applying something that is harmful. If we make conscience decisions about what we apply to our skin we can only be improving the quality of our skin, our health and our world. We should do everything we can to keep harmful chemicals out of our homes and ensure that we leave our earth better than we found it.

Here are some of the ingredients you should stay away from.


Petrolatum (petroleum jelly)

Propylene Glycol

PVP/VA Copolymers

Stearalkonium Chloride

Synthetic Colors

Synthetic Fragrances



Coat Tar Dyes




PEG Compounds


Sodium Laureth Sulfate