VB Beauty Lash Eyelash Growth Serum

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Have you ever envied a friend, coworker, family member or maybe a celebrity because they have naturally long, thick, full and dark eyelashes? Do you feel like the unlucky one that was born with thin, sparse and unnoticeable lashes? Well, the truth is that you may be envying people that have already discovered eyelash serum or eyelash conditioners.

If you have stunning eyes you have the ability to walk out of the house ready to go. This is why mascara is such a big market. Applying a few coats of mascara in the morning can change you look from sleepy to wide awake. However there are some drawbacks to mascara such as flaking, running, smearing. If you buy waterproof mascara you will find that it is more difficult to remove(that’s actually kind of the point). Now you have to use eye make up remover which can be damaging to you lashes. Repeat this every day and you will have less lashes and the ones you have may be shorter. There are many products out that can lengthen, darken, thicken and create fuller lashes that can eliminate the daily ritual of putting mascara on and taking it off.

VB Beauty Lash is an easy to use eyelash growth product with promising results. The 2 ml tube can last for 2-3 months making it very affordable at under $40.00. Apply the product nightly to clean oil free and makeup free eyes. The applicator is the same as liquid liner and goes on just as easy. It is Ophthalmologist test to be safe for contact lens wearers. Results can be seen in 4-6 weeks for you eyelashes or 8 weeks for eyebrows. Although many users report faster results (see below).

VB Beauty Lasheyelash serum has received astounding reviews and is easy to use. According to Amazon it has a 4.5 star rating out of 5. Impressive.


Pros for VB Beauty Lash (gathered from actual user reviews found online)


  • Users of this eyelash growth serum  reported seeing results in as little as a few weeks. VB Beauty says results will occur in 4-6 weeks for eyelashes and 8 weeks for eyebrows.
  • Inexpensive compared to other eyelash growth products such as Latisse.
  • Some users have reported throwing out their eyelash curler because their lashes now curl on their own.
  • Many VB Beauty Lash users have reported that they have had no eye irritation.
  • long lasting results. Not only have fast results been report but also that after months of use they are still getting great results so much so that some have cut down to using it once a week and others are trimming their eyelashes.
  • great for eyebrows that have been damaged by over plucking.


Cons for VB Beauty Lash (actually hard to find)

  • one user said the 2 ml tube didn’t last as long as claimed. VB Beauty says that the tube will last 2-3 months. (Sorry that’s the only “con” I could find)
  • I guess you could say it is a con to have to trim you eyelashes because they are getting too long. I don’t think anyone would.


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