The Beauty Central:Semi Permanent Mascara at Home or Salon

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Doing away with daily mascara


Most everyone can agree that mascara is the fastest way to get wide awake and fresh look. It is almost every girl must have along with lip gloss. However it can be one of the most difficult products to get to look good and stay looking good. The problem with mascara is that it can run when you swim or cry. It may not be the best product to have on while exercise or camping. And even though it is sure to come off when you need it on it can also be difficult to remove without damaging your lashes. The last think we want is less lashes. So what product can help us get the beautiful eyes that will WOW everyone without all the problems that come with daily mascara? The answer may be Semi Permanent mascara.

How does Semi Permanent mascara differ from daily mascara? Well simply put it is similar to dying your hair and just like dying your hair it is only temporarily. The reason for this is that our eyelashes do fall out every three to six weeks; therefore the new lashes coming in will no longer be tinted. The benefits from the semi permanent mascara are that there is no upkeep for those three to six weeks. You can go swimming, hiking, cry at a wedding or any number of those things that would cause the daily mascara to disappear. Now yes there is waterproof mascara that is made for those occasions however they are more difficult to remove and quite easily damage you lashes while removing.

Semi permanent mascara is great for individuals that have light to medium colored lashes and would love a product that can make their eyes more noticeable. Now why isn’t it for those of us with dark lashes, well most semi permanent mascara does not lengthen or thicken the lashes. So make black lashes black wouldn’t make a change that would be noticeable. However there are products that can do it all. You can get the darker lashes and add volume and length for two to six weeks at a time.

So what kind of products is out there to give you those darker lashes?  To start with there are salon options.


Cry Baby

You may have heard of Cry Baby lashes or Lash Dip. These are both services that are offered a salons by certified specialist. Cry baby lashes last for two weeks or longer and can thicken the lashes 30 to 50% and lengthen 20 to 50%. The cost for Cry Baby lashes is $50 to $60 per sessions. You may need touch ups to take care of newly grown in lashes.


Lash Dip

Lash Dip claims to last for four weeks also needing touch ups for new lashes. However Lash Dip can cost anywhere from $200 to $300.


At Home Method

There are cheaper options that are available to you online through such as the 28 day mascara, Jemma Kidd Lasting Lash or Diego Dalla Palma Semi Permanent mascara. The bestselling of these three is the Godefroy 28 Day Mascara . For under 35.00 at Amazon you can get a tinting product that will last up to four weeks and only takes ten minutes to apply . However this product is for those with light color lashes looking for a way to get darker more noticeable lashes. It will not lengthen or add volume. Jemma Kidd Lasting Lash can last 24 hours to up to three days and Diego Dalla Palma Semi Permanent Mascara claims to remain on until you remove it with an oily makeup remover.

Semi-Permanent  Mascara Tip

For all of the semi permanent mascara you will want to use oil free makeup removers to lengthen the time that they will last.


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