So Many Makeup Brushes! Which Ones Do I Need?

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Click Here to check out more makeup brushes

Choosing which makeup brush is going to depend on what makeup you apply. If you simply wear a little blush and lip gloss you will not need as many as someone who wears foundation and eye makeup. Learning what brushes are available may help you determine what is best for you.

Makeup Brushes for the Face

Foundation Brush:The foundation brush is used to apply liquid or powder foundation. This is generally made of synthetic bristles so that they are easier to clean. They will be larger brushes and have rounded tips.

Concealer Brush: The concealer brush is basically a small version of the foundation brush. This is used to cover dark circles under your eyes or blemishes. It can also be helpful in getting coverage in small areas like the corner of your eyes. The foundation brush and concealer brush will have stiffer bristles giving you more control.

Powder Brush: The powder brush is of course used to apply loose powder. It is different from the foundation brush because it is fluffy and can be made of natural bristles.

Blush/Bronzer Brush: The blush brush can contain natural bristles and has a slanted or rounded end. This will help get a natural amount of blush or bronzer applied in the areas you want.

Makeup Brushes for the Eyes

Eyebrow brush: The eyebrow brushes are angled so that you have better placement control. This is needed when apply wax to the are or even if you are using it to apply powder or cream to darken or lighten your eyebrows.

Eyeshadow brush: The eyeshadow brushes are slightly stiff and have a square head. You can use them to apply cream or powder eyeshadows. There are different sizes for different jobs. This is where a lot of variety of brushes can come in handy. You may need one for apply a base shadow and then another for apply shadow in the crease.

Eye liner brush: An eyeliner brush will be needed for applying liner above or below the eye. This brush would extra fine for precison lines.

Blending Brush: The blending brush is softer and fuller than the eyeshadow brush and helps remove lines between shades of eyeshadow. This will create a softer look.

You may find that you need a lot of make up brushes or perhaps you only need a few but using them correctly will help you get that professional finished look.

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