Shampoo for Oily Hair: Phyto Shampoo

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Phyto Shampoo for OIly Hair

Phyto Shampoo for OIly Hair

phyto shampoo for oily hair



Are you ready for hair that has bounce, fullness and shine but instead end up with flat lifeless hair due to oiliness, this brand may be just the thing for you.

The reason you hair is oily is due to overactive sebaceous glands. This can also cause acne. However in the scalp area you will notice it by having oily hair. You may shampoo daily or for some you may have to shampoo twice a day. Many with oily hair are scared to skip a day of shampooing let alone use a conditioner. Does this sound like you?

Creator of Phyto

Phyto brand products were created by Mr. Patrick Alis who wanted to created an incredible line of hair products that are natural and safe, not only for us but also the environment. The family owned laboratories select the best plants for the line so that you will get the best product available.

Phyto shampoo ingredients

Phyto shampoos contain Progenium Quillaja bark that absorbs excess sebum (oil) without over drying your hair. They contain wheat protein to repair, witch hazel to protect and juniper berry essential oils to cleanse.

Upscale Salons offering Phyto Products.

Alessandro Mangerini, the uptown Madison Ave Salon and Salon AKS on 5th Ave, both in New York offer this great product to their clients. Both salon are upscale and offer high quality products. Susanna Romano, cofounder of Salon AKS, is popular with celebrities such as Sarah Michelle Gellar and Cindy Crawford. With access to the internet anyone can get the same quality shampoo as these high end salons offer.

What others say

Now if your like me, I have an oily scalp that leaves the top of my hair very greasy looking but the ends of my hair are dry. So when I used my normal shampoo for oily hair, it seems to strip my entire hair and that is not what I want. Below are the pros and cons I found through several sites to help you decide if this might be the shampoo for you.


  • Removes excess oil (of course)
  • Allows users to not have to wash their hair daily
  • Gentle enough if you do want to wash your hair daily (I run daily so I want to wash my hair every day)
  • Doesn’t dry out your hair like most cleansing shampoos do
  • Leave you hair full and with bounce
  • Able to use a small amount to get a great lather so the bottle last a long time
  • The natural ingredients doesn’t leave residues on you hair
  • Feels clean and continues to all day


  • The fragrances is not fruity or perfume smelling like many shampoos, one user says it smell like cedar.
  • Consistency is very watery. this can cause you to run out faster if your not use to using such a small amount.  
  • Container is either aluminum or glass. This is to prevent leaching from the plastic into the shampoo. However this is not as easy to handle as a plastic bottle but is better for our environment. Yeah!

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Salon Tip: Allow your hair to be fully wet and have time to absorb the water before applying the shampoo.

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