Revlon Eyelash Curler: One Tool Outstanding Results

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List Price: $4.65 USD
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Release date July 19, 2006.

The Revlon eyelash curler can be a great accompanying tool to help give your eyes their most beautiful potential. Many of us are not born with naturally curled lashes. We usually have straight lashes that maybe we were born with or maybe years of applying products to the lashes have straightened them out. However everyone can get great looking lashes by using an eyelash curler.

So why buy the Revlon eyelash curler?

First of all it gets great reviews. There are many satisfied customers that love the quality of the product. It doesn’t crinkle your lashes like some cheaply made eyelash curlers will. The comments praise on the easy to use Revlon. You just simply position the eyelash pad on the curler near the base of the upper lashes and gently squeeze, holding firmly for about five seconds. After you release the curler you are left with eyelashes that will make our eyes look bigger and beautiful.

Next, the cost of the Revlon eyelash curler is a defiantly affordable. The usual price of the curler through Amazon is only three to four dollars or  under $10.00 for the curler with cushioned finger grips. That is a great price for a little tool that is going to give you great results.

Revlon is a well know name that has been around for years. They didn’t just get that kind of recognition without providing great products that their customers will love


Creating Beautiful Eyes Tip #1:


Although you can use the Revlon lash curler after you apply mascara, you can get the results you want buy using it on bare lashes. This will help keep you curler clean from mascara residue making the pads last longer. Where to go to get eyelash curler refills, call Revlon for free replacements (1-800-473-8566). What a great bonus.


Creating Beautiful Eyes Tip #2:

If you love enhancing your natural lashes with Red cherry Eyelashes or Model 21 lashes, use the Revlon eyelash curler first. This will help your lashes match up with the already curled look of the false eyelashes and make your eyelashes blend right in. Now talk about some beautiful eyes.


How to use an eyelash curler.

Make sure your eyelash curler pads are clean. Use soap and water or make up remover if you need to remove any mascara. Also periodically clean the pad with alcohol to keep it sanitary.

  1. Insert your eyelashes into the eyelash curler and slide back until the eyelash pad is near the base of your upper lashes.
  2. Now squeeze your Revlon eyelash curler holding it firmly for five seconds.
  3. Remove the eyelash curler and repeat on your other eyelashes.
  4. Check out how beautiful your eyelashes are now.


More tips from customers that use the  Revlon Eyelash Curler


Heat the curler slightly by blow hot air on it from your hair dryer or running warm water on it for 10 to 15 seconds. This creates your own heated eyelash curler.

Apply mascara before and after you use the eyelash curler to help seal in the curl.(just remember to clean the pads well so they work their best next time.

Make sure the pads are in good shape. Some brands of eyelash curlers have thin pads that will damage the lashes. The Revlon Eyelash curler pads are thick so it is a good choice.

Use the eyelash curler as directed at the base of the lashes but then again near the middle of the length of your eyelashes to give them extra curl.