Model 21 Eyelashes: The Best Buy for Daily Use Eyelashes

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List Price: $8.99 USD
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Now we all love wearing our Mac Eyelashes but for daily use we need something a little more affordable. That’s were we can use the Model 21 eyelashes. The price per pair of lashes is about one dollar each. There is no way to beat that price, except there is, many false eyelashes can be worn multiple times. That could lower the cost per wear down to a quarter a pair. That is a bargain beyond bargains.

Is that really a bargain? It’s only a bargain if the product is good. You don’t want lashes that make you look like a spider is on your eye or seem unnatural. We want a good quality product even if we are only paying a dollar a pair. Well these are good quality. They can be worn multiple times like the Red Cherry Eyelashes or the Miss Adoro lashes.

When you get your Model 21 eyelashes you will want to do some resizing. They do come with very long lashes that can be trimmed to the exact length you desire. You can cut the lashes so that the base is the same as your eyelid, giving you a custom fit. The Model 21 lashes have styles that are great for daily use such as going to work, or simply going to the park with your family.  You can also choice one of their other styles for your night out giving you a more dramatic look. Whatever look you are going for you will get the best pricing with the Model 21 lashes.

How to buy Model 21 Eyelashes

Simply select the “Buy Now” link above to purchase this style or click here to check out the different styles of Model 21 Eyelashes.


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