Learn How to Curl Eyelashes Without an Eyelash Curler at Beauty Central

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If you are here looking for how to curl eyelashes without an eyelash curler, either you are without your curler or have had a bad experience with an eyelash curler. The scary look of the curler is defiantly intimidating enough to keep many of us away and then if you have used one they sometimes can be painful, pulling out lashes and pinching the skin. This is not the way I want to start my day and I’m sure you don’t either. There are some eyelash curlers that can get you that natural curled look and without all the pain but we will cover that later.
Lets get to why you are here, how to curl eyelashes without an eyelash curler. What I have found is that there are basically two popular methods. One is using your fingers and the other is with a spoon. Below is the steps needed to curl without an eyelash curler.
Using your fingers to curl your eyelashes.
1. First start with either mascara on or off. (off would be a little less messy because you would need to do this with the mascara still wet to get the best results)
2. Warm you fingers by rubbing them together for a few seconds or run them under warm water.
3. Next press your finger tips upwards, holding your eyelashes against your eyelid.
4. Hold for a few minutes.
5. Repeat if you need more curl.
6. Apply your mascara if it isn’t already on.
Using a spoon to curl your eyelashes.
1. Start with clean mascara free lashes.
2. Warm a spoon under warm water and then dry.
3. Press the spoon against your eyelid making sure the lashes go up under the spoon.
4. Hold for a few minutes.
5. Repeat if you need more curl.
6. Now apply your mascara and you are all done.
Now let’s explore using a traditional eyelash curler. If you were simply without a curler, try the Japonesque Pink Go Curl Pocket Curler
so that your are never without. For those of you who are afraid of the eyelash curler this is for you. There are eyelash curlers out there that will not pull and pinch. And believe it or not it won’t cost you much more than the department store curler. If fact there are many that are quite affordable and will give you exactly the look you want. Not only that the curl will last all day making you happy until the days end. The Japonesque Power Curl Eyelash Curler is as low as 8.00 through Amazon (see Below) and has great reviews. There is no need to heat the curler, it is ready to go.


Using an eyelash curler to curl your lashes
1. Use on clean, mascara free lashes
2. Open the curler and slide lashes between the clamp
3. Squeeze the handle near the root of the lashes.
4. Hold for 10-30 seconds and then remove the eyelashes from the curler (for extra curler give another squeeze when near         the end of the lashes)
5. Repeat on your other eyelashes
6. Apply your mascara.

Now not only is that simply and fast but if you choose the right eyelash curler you can get the lashes you want without the pinching and loss of eyelashes.

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