International Research Labs Rapid Lash Eyelash Serum: The Beauty Central Review

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I am ready to give my review on Rapid Lash
. Normally, I have short lashes that have seem to gotten shorten over the years. Wearing mascara has defiantly taken its toll on my lashes. I’ve have never had extremely long thick lashes but I have notice that they are shorter now then they use to be years ago.

I have been using the International Research Labs Rapid Lash Eyelash Growth Serum for 8 weeks now.  Although several of the reviews I read indicated that they seen results in as little as two weeks, I did not. However I don’t have hair that grows very fast so I was realistic that my lashes wouldn’t just grow overnight either. I did stick with it though for eight weeks and I do see a change. My lashes are noticeably longer now. I have been thrilled at the results. I would have been more thrilled if they would be thicker but I am still happy with the results I have gotten.

I might have gotten faster results, although I doubt it with the way my hair grows, if I had followed the instructions. I wanted to use the eyelash growth product without putting much effort into it. I didn’t want to change my routine if I knew that I wouldn’t stick with it. So I basically skipped the step about putting on clean lashes at night. See, I don’t wash my eye makeup off at night. I never have and probably never will. For this reason, I was reluctant about even trying out Rapid Lash. I knew that I would probably buy it and try it the correct way for a few nights but then because of old habits stop. I know that everyone should wash off their mascara every night but I also know that its not something I will stick too.

What I did was wash my eye makeup in the morning. I like to let the steam of the shower loosen my mascara and then I gently use my fingers to remove it. It seems very gentle on my lashes and I don’t have any oily makeup remover left to deal with all day. After my shower I apply my face lotion and then the Rapid Lash( as directed). While they are drying, I brush my teeth. Then I apply my makeup. This also mean my eye makeup and my mascara. This means that I only have a few minutes with the eyelash conditioner on before I apply mascara.

However, I still have noticed that my lashes are longer and even thought it might have taken longer, I am very happy.

Below is a video that shows you just how easy it is to apply. This is not me in the video but as you can see it is extemely easy to apply RapidLash
. The applicator is the same as a liquid eyeliner. So it’s basically as easy as putting on clear eyeliner.


Here is another video I thought you might find helpful. This is one that shows before and after using RapidLash
and another users reviews.


If you are still interested in learning more about RapidLash or reading more reviews. Or maybe you are ready to try out the product you can click here
or on the image below to purchase.


Rapid Lash

Rapid Lash

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