How to Remove Fake Eyelashes Without Damaging Any Lashes

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Methods for removing fake eyelashes

Okay, so you’ve had your fun showing off your beautiful eyelashes all day but now it’s time to take it off. What is the best way to remove your lashes without damaging your natural lashes or you false eyelashes. After all we definantly want to be able to use them again.

1. Apply oil free make up remover to the eye area and allow to set for a few minutes. This will loosen the glue and make the lashes come off easily without the dreaded tug. If you use an oil based remover it may make it difficult to re use the lashes. The adhesive will have a hard time sticking to them the next time you put them on.

2.After you remove the false eyelashes remove the leftover glue on your eye  by applying some type of oil base product such as, olive oil, baby oil, Vaseline or an oil based eye-makeup remover. Apply the product to your eye and wait a few minutes then gently rub off any glue that was left behind.

Other  ways to remove false eyelashes

Warm water. Using warm water to remove lashes can be done either by placing a warm wash cloth on your eyes or by removing them in the shower and allowing the steam to loosen the adhesive. Again when the glue is softened just gently pull to remove the false eyelashes.

Adhesive removers. There are specialty adhesive removers available to help get your fake eyelashes off and not damage your natural lashes. They are very inexpensive and easy to use.

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How to keep your fake eyelashes from damaging your natural lashes.

One of the biggest concerns about wearing false eyelashes is the damage they may cause your own lashes. However there are a few tips that can help.

1. Don’t sleep in your false eyelashes. Be sure to remove them everynight so that they aren’t pulling on your natural lashes.

2. If you are going to sleep in them make sure you are using an adhesive that is made for long time wear such as Stay-On-Glue.

3. Use an adhesive remover made especially for false eyelashes. Using products especially for removing the adhesive is the best way to get the lashes off without any damage.


Alternative to wearing false eyelashes.

Obviously if you are wearing or even considering wearing false eyelashes you must want to add some pop to your eyes and who doesn’t. False eyelashes are a great way to get instant results and inexpensive.  However they do take a little skill to apply. There are great products out there that will help you lengthen and strengthen you own lashes that way you don’t need to use false eyelashes.

For those of you who have long strong lashes but maybe just are tired of applying mascara to make them stand out you could use an eyelash tint. These products will darken your natural lashes (great for blonde or light colored lashes) and eliminate the need for mascara.  Who would love to wake up with bold dark lashes.

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