How to Care for your Foundation Brush

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Many people never think of how dirty our makeup brush can get over time. The truth is that that are coated not only with makeup but also oil and dead skin. This combination can lead to bacteria that can affect your skin condition. Not only do you not want to have bacteria on your foundation brush but you also want to protect your investment. Good quality foundation brushes can cost around ten dollars or more and you wouldn’t want to shorten the life of your brushes so why not take care of them.

There are simple steps that can help keep you foundation brushes clean and in their best shape.  Rather you use a store makeup brush cleaning product or follow the simple at home steps you will help ensure the health of your skin and the quality of your makeup brushes.

Like we said you can purchase several makeup brush cleaning products and they are not expensive. You will need to make sure that the solution is safe for the type of brushes you have; Natural or synthetic bristles. The cost for these products range from $3 to $50.

There are also some simple at home steps you can do to keep your makeup brushes clean. These steps can be used for you foundation brush or any other makeup brush in your collection.

Daily Cleaning

First for daily cleaning you can uses a baby wipe to get any leftover makeup and some of the oils removed. Be sure and use a new wipe everyday.

Weekly Cleaning

For the weekly cleaning you can use shampoo to get you foundation brushes free from bacteria and makeup residue.

  • Run warm water over you makeup brush. You will already notice that the cleaning has begun by the color of the water.
  • apply a small amount of shampoo on the bristles and gently massage
  • rinse with warm water until the water runs clear
  • Always air dry your makeup brushes. Any type of heat may melt the bristles.

Another suggestion is to use vinegar. This has become the green cleaner of the times. Not only does vinegar clean but it disenfects. When using vinegar make your solution a 2 part water and 1 part vinegar. Soak you brushes in the solution for a few minutes while rubbing the bristles and loosening any particles. The simply rinse with warm water and air dry.

Any makeup brush that you use for liquid products should be cleaned daily. Your powder brushes should be cleaned and least every one to two weeks.

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