Fysiko Eyelash Serum: Lash Growth Product

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Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum is now available online to better serve consumers world wide and is Made in the USA. It has been sold in spas and salons in the Utah region. To give access to all of those seeking out a way to enhance their natural lashes the owner has expanded to market to include online customers. This is another great product that has been developed to help enhance your eyes. If you desire longer, thicker and darker lashes this could be the eyelash serum for you. So what is so different about Fysiko eyelash serum when compared to other eyelash serums.

Fysiko (Greek word for natural) is made up of all natural ingredients. This is important because it can reduce the problems of allergic reactions by users. During controlled studies only 4% of the users experienced any type of allergic irritation which were mild. These reactions were redness and temporary irritation.

Many eyelash serum and eyelash conditioners offer results that include longer thicker and darker lashes. However Fysiko also offers an added benefit. Using this eyelash serum, you can get added curl to your natural lashes. This is great for Asian users who might require using an eyelash curler.

Fysiko eyelash serum is available in spas and salons in Utah and now online without a prescription, unlike other eyelash growth products.

Ten of thousands of users have seen incredible results. The controlled studies showed that 96% of users had significant growth. Testimonies have proven this to be true. You can get results in 6-8 weeks with double length and thickness being achieved in 8-12 weeks. Once you reach your desired results you just apply as you have been to maintain the result from then on out. The 8 ml container is enough to last you for 6-8 months.
Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum provides growth of eyelashes. Compared to Latisse. Makes eyelashes longer and fuller, natural ingredients.

In only a few minutes a day, you can get fuller, thicker, longer and darker lashes. To use you simply apply the eyelash growth serum to the top of the lash line. This can be done in the morning or the evening before bed. Just be sure to apply to clean, makeup free and dry eyelids. Any overuse can result in problems with irritation and redness so only use once a day as recommended.

Not only does this product work on enhancing your eyelashes but it also is great for eyebrows. Rather you have over tweezed or just have thin or sparse eyebrows, Fysiko eyelash serum can assist in growing your eyebrows back. Now you wont have to fill them in trying to find the right shade of eyebrow filler to look natural.

Fysiko Eyelash Serum