Eyelash Tinting with Godefroy 28 Day Mascara: Our Review

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So me and my daughter tinted our eyelashes at home this weekend. I wanted to share our results with you and let you know how long it takes, how the process goes and most importantly what the results were like for the both of us.

Let’s start my letting you know about me and my daughters lashes. I have dark brown hair so I have dark brown lashes. However the tips of my lashes are lighter and for this reason alone I wanted to trying the Godefroy 28 Day Mascara eyelash tint product. I have been using the Rapid Lash eyelash conditioner and now have longer lashes so I wanted to make them more noticeable  especially for the swimming season coming up. I wasn’t expecting results that would make me stop using mascara but just some help with the tips so that when I wasn’t wearing mascara I would still appear to have the longer lashes that I have.

Now for my daughter, it’s a different story. She has very light red-blonde hair. She loves her hair but doesn’t like the fact that her eyelashes are eyebrows are so light. She wants to also have noticeable lashes when she isn’t wearing mascara. Like me this would thrill her when we are going swimming this summer.

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How to apply Godefroy 28 Day Mascara

The instruction that came with the eyelash tint are on a small two sided piece of paper. There are seriously only six steps to getting your eyelashes tinted. This seemed something even I could handle. To make it easier I applied the product to my daughters lashes and visa verse, she applied mine.

First step that is recommended by the manufacturer is to do a 24 hour allergy test. After this is done you can go straight to the exciting part of tinting your lashes.

Step 1. Very Important. For best results, wash lashes thoroughly with a mild soap and warm water or an oil free makeup remover. Let dry before tinting.

  • We washed our lashes and eyes with Olay daily facial cloths. We use these all the time to remove our makeup.  We allowed a few minutes to let the lashes dry.

Step 2. It is best to tint one eye at a time. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the eye area. This will prevent skin staining and adhere eye shields to skin under the eyes. Place enclosed eye shield on skin underneath eye lashes. Make sure no petroleum jelly gets on the lashes. 

  • We did tint one eye at a time.
  • We really didn’t use a lot of the Vaseline  We did apply it under the eye so that they eyelash pad would stick and help reduce the amount of tint getting on the skin. We had our eyes closed when we applied the tint to the upper lashes so really there wasn’t much of an issue with getting the tint on the eyelid.

Step 3. Pierce end of No 1 Cream Colorant tube with the top of the cap, and squeeze a small amount on the end of the applicator stick. If using single application foil packets, squeeze entire contents of solution No 1 and No 2 onto enclosed work station card. With eye closed, apply liberally to upper lashes. Repeat the process and let stand one minute. Wipe the applicator stick clean with tissue before proceeding to the next step. (Always avoid Colorant coming into contact with Activator as it will render the Colorant unusable.)

  • We weren’t using single application foil packets so we apply a small amount of the content to the applicator stick. This is pretty simple and straight forward. I did rotate the applicator stick so that the colorant would be spread around the entire tip and sides of the applicator instead of having a big glob to work with on the lashes.
  • We tried using a mascara brush as others have suggested, thinking it would make it easier to coat each lash. However it was harder to get close down to the root of the lashes and took more product to get the brush coated. The applicator brush worked great.
  • We took our time making sure to get all the lashes and get the colorant spread evenly.
  • After we felt we had the entire row of top lashes covered well, we opened our eyes and made sure all the bottom lashes were also covered. Most of them were already covered with the Colorant but we touched up all the one that weren’t and make sure the lashes in the corner were covered.
  • When we felt all the lashes were covered so that we would get the full effect, we waited one minute to go to the next step.

Step 4. Apply small amount of the No 2 Gel Activator to the end of cleaned applicator stick. With eye closed brush evenly onto the damp lashes. Be sure to apply thoroughly, making sure you get the corners of the lashes. Let stand one minute and wipe clean with a damp tissue.

  • For this step we changed it up a little. The activator can burn a little when your eyes are open. It felt like getting mascara in your eye. Not to bad but still makes you want to close your eyes. 
  • Since the colorant didn’t reach all of our bottom lashes, we started with our eyes open so that we could make sure all the lashes would be covered with the activator. It is really hard to keep your eyes open when using this activator and even harder once you’ve applied it to the top lashes. This is why we started with the bottom lashes. If you move quickly you can get the bottom lashes covered before the activator starts to burn.
  • Once we had the bottom lashes covered, we closed our eyes and applied the activator to the top lashes, making sure to coat everyone.
  • After all the lashes were covered with the activator we timed the one minute.
  • When the one minute was up with used a damp tissue to remove the colorant and activator from our lashes

Step 5. Examine your lashes. If necessary, a second application may be needed to achieve darker results.

  • Since this was our first time, I did apply a second application to my daughters first eye. Being nervous, I didn’t get every lash covered. However, on the second eye and on my lashes we only applied on application.

Step 6. Repeat the process for the lower lashes and second eye.

  • We applied the tint to the bottom and top lashes at the same time. When applying the colorant to the top lashes, most of the bottom lashes were covered anyhow. So we just had to touch up a few missed lashes and had no problem with the results by doing this.
  • Like I said earlier in Step 1., we did apply the eyelash tint to one eye at a time. You could probably do both if your were applying to someone else or they were applying to you. However you can’t see what your doing if you apply to both of your own eyes at the same time. I do think that this was easy enough that if you wanted to apply it to your own eyelashes you could as long as you do it one eye at a time.

Well this above is the instructions in the box and how we applied the tint to our eyelashes. We didn’t have much problem with burning, which is one of the complaints. When your eyes are open and  you have the Activator on, it can burn like getting mascara into your eye. Not too bad but uncomfortable.

How Long Did The Eyelash Tinting Process Take?

It really didn’t take very long at all. We did both of hers and my eyes in under 30 minutes and this included reading the instructions and getting everything ready.

Results of Getting Eyelashes Tinted with the Godefroy 28 Day Mascara

The results were great. For me it did exactly what I needed. The tips of my lashes were lighter and with the tint you can now see my lashes all the way to the end. Like I said earlier, I have lengthened my lashes using Rapid Lash eye conditioner but you could see them much because my tips were lighter. Now you can see them even without mascara.

As for my daughter with the light red hair, she was ecstatic. She was very happy with the results. Here almost blonde lashes were not noticeable at all before the eyelash tint and now you can see them easily. She is so excited that she can wake up and already look like she has lashes.

The eyelash tint will not replace our mascara. We primarily wanted to tint our eyelashes so that when we are not wearing mascara, our lashes are still noticeable  Mascara does more than tinting since in plumps and lengthens our eyelashes. The eyelash tint will not add volume or length but will darken your lashes so that they are easy to see without mascara.

We will both be longtime users of the 28 day mascara and are both happy with the results.


What is The Best of The Godefroy 28 Day Mascara.

First.  it is very easy to use. It really only took a few steps and under 15 minutes.

Second. The kit contains enough to do 25 applications. So basically 2 years for one person.

Third. It is so affordable. I bought it through Amazon and it cost me under $25. I also received it in two days.

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Tinting your eyebrows with the Godefroy 28 Day Mascara.

We did not tint our eyebrows. For one thing mine are already very dark. The tint we bought was black so it wouldn’t work well for my daughter. She has very light hair and black eyebrows would be a bit much. Below is the instructions in were in the box for tinting you eyebrows. It also seems very easy and I’m sure that we will be buying a lighter color so that we can tint my daughters eyebrows.

Tinting the Eyebrows

Step 1. Apply petroleum jelly around the eyebrow area. Be careful not to get any residue on the eyebrows.

Step 2. Repeat steps 3-6 from above instruction guide.

****Like I said it seems very easy.


Other Information in the Instructions 

Performing an allergy test.

Perform allergy test 24 hours before using this product.

Squeeze a very small amount of Solution No. 1 Cream Colorant to the end of the applicator stick and apply to the inside of your arm. Wipe clean the applicator stick with a tissue. Apply small amount of No. 2 Gel activator to the end of the applicator and apply on the same spot as the Cream Colorant. Let stand one minute and wipe clean. Wait 24 hours. If no visible signs of irritation appear, you may proceed with tinting the lashes and brows. Do not use this product if irritation is visible. 

If you are using the single application foil packets, after you have performed the allergy test, fold over the open portion of the foil packet and secure with a paper clip or seal with tape. Place in a zip lock bag(bag enclosed in kit) and store in a cool, dry place. Remaining product must be used within 48 hours.

Please Note: Once opened, product color variation may occur. this is normal and will not affect final results.

*****The kit we received from Amazon did not come with single application foil packets.******


Helpful hints before you start: (These are the manufacturers helpful hints that are included in the instructions.)

  • Use a lighted, magnified mirror. 
  • Keep a box of tissues and cotton swabs on the work area.
  • Place an old towel or newspaper on work area to prevent accidental staining.
  • If you have difficulty applying cosmetics, have a friend help you.
  • Remove contact lenses.

Troubleshooting guide (These are the manufacturers’ troubleshooting guides included in the instruction.)

My color results were not satisfactory.

There could be several reasons.

1. Lashes and brows were not cleaned of oil or makeup before applying tint. We recommend using an oil free makeup remover.

2. A second application may be necessary to achieve darker results.

3. When applying petroleum jelly, a small amount adhered to the lashes or brows. This will inhibit the color process. Wash lashes or brows and repeat the process.




Staining to the skin has occurred.

Stains will disappear in 2 or 3 days. To speed up the process, create a mild exfoliant by dampening fingertip with water and dip in sugar. Rub gently on stain then rinse with water, Repeat if necessary.

A slight stinging sensation after applying has occured.

A slight stinging sensation is not unusual and should subside quickly after rinsing with water. If stinging persists, discontinue use and seek medical attention.


For the box readers like me.

I love to read the labels and boxes of the products that I buy. However buying online makes that a little difficult so I have included below the information found on the box. Just a little FYI.

Front of the Box. 

  • 25 application kit contains. 
  • 1-5ml gel activator
  • 1-5ml cream colorant
  • 50-cotton shields
  • 1-reusable applicator stick
  • 1-reusable lash & brow comb
  • Instruction sheet.

Right side of the box.

28 Day Mascara is a non-toxic formula that contains no coal tar derivatives or hydrogen peroxide agents. This fast acting, gentle formula does not damage the eyelashes and delivers rich, long-lasting color for up to 4 weeks.

  • Processes in one minute
  • No drip formula
  • Safe & effective


Avoid the cream colorant coming in contact with the Activator as this will render the Cream Colorant unusable. Avoid the Cream coming in contact with the skin, as this could cause skin staining which will disappear after 2-3 days. Cream Colorant and Gel Activator should not come in contact with textiles or furnishings. This can cause permanent staining.

Back of the Box.


Q. Why tint your lashes with Godefroy 28 Day Mascara?

A. A great alternative to daily mascara use, tinting your lashes helps define each eyelash and gives the appearance of longer, thicker lashes.

Q. How Long will it last?

A. With proper application, it can last up to 4 weeks. Waterproof and non-fading , you can enjoy all outdoor activities without having to apply daily mascara.

Q. How long does it take to apply and process?

A. The simple, two step application takes just a few minutes to apply. The color processes in one minute.

Q. Is it safe to use?

A. Yes! Godefroy 28 Day Mascara contains no hydrogen peroxide or synthetic dyes. The gentle formula will not damages the eyelashes.

Q. Who gets the best results with 28 Day Mascara?

A. Someone who has light to medium brown eyelashes will see the best results. If you already have dark lashes you will see results on the tips and bottom of your lashes.


Made in Austria

Innovative Beauty Products LLC

PO BOX 174915, Arlington, TX 76003



Left Side of the Box.


Cream Colorant: Water, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Pyrogallol, Ascorbic Acid, CI 77499.

Gel Activator: Water, Silver Nitrate, Ammmonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer, Ammonia.


Use only as directed. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Contact May cause irritation or allergic reaction. If contact with eyes occurs, rinse immediately with water. Remove accidental stains from skin immediately with soap and water. Physician should be consulted if irritation persists.



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