Eyelash Extensions Cost: Professional to Home Options

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A great solution to getting long beautiful lashes is getting eyelash extensions. This is a newer way to lengthen your lashes and an alternative to false eyelashes like Red Cherry lashes. Eyelash extensions are becoming popular with lots of searches of where to get Liz Hurley or Kim Kardashian eyelash extensions. We all know that false eyelashes are very affordable like the Model 21 eyelashes costing around a dollar a pair, but how do you get eyelash extensions and how much are eyelash extensions?

Well that all depends on where you get eyelash extensions. You have two options. First you can go to a salon that specializes in eyelash extensions. Second you can do it at home with an eyelash extension kit.


So how much do eyelash extensions cost at a salon?

The cost of the lash extensions here will be around $200 to $600. The eyelash extension cost varies so much for several reasons. One is the price is ultimately up to the professional and the salon. If you go to a high end salon you will probably pay more than a smaller shop. Also you have to remember that the extensions will be applied to each one of your existing lashes. If you have thick lashes but just need a little more length you will pay more than someone that has thinner eyelashes. The more time the professional has involved in your lashes the more you will pay.  How long do eyelash extensions last? This is another factor that will increase the cost of eyelash extensions. They generally last about 2 to 3 weeks so this will add touch up cost that can range from $75 to $250, depending on the factors we already discussed.


How to save a fortune on the eyelash extension cost:

Your other option is to do it yourself or have a friend apply the extensions for you. This can save you hundreds of dollars on the lash extension cost. There are many great eyelash extension products that make it more cost efficient to have them done. The best eyelash extensions kit to start with is the Diva Lashes kit. This is a great product for first time do-it-yourselfers. The kit is $99 and contains all the eyelash extension supplies you need to get started and after that you can buy replacement lashes (if you run out) and get plenty for under $10.


Creating Beautiful Eyes Tip:

If you have naturally light lashes try tinting them first with an eyelash tint kit like Godefroy eyelash tint. The eyelash extensions already take away the need for mascara and if you first tint your eyelashes and then apply your extensions you will have wake up ready eyes to die for. No more fussing with mascara.


FYI: In an interview with Kim Kardishian she states that she doesn’t have eyelash extensions but does wear Mac or Red Cherry eyelashes.


How to make your eyelash extensions last longer and save money on the eyelash extensions price:


  • Only wear water-based mascara (not really needed)
  • Avoid steam around the eyes as this can loosen the adhesive
  • Try to keep from rubbing you eyes
  • Don’t pull on your eyelash extensions
  • Don’t use mechanical eyelash curlers ( no need, the extensions will already be curled)


Can you get your eyelash extensions wet? Of course, they will safe for showers or swimming just try not running water directly on the extensions.