Duo Eyelash Adhesive: Make Your Lashes Last Longer

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The Duo Eyelash adhesive is the perfect product to pair with your choice of false eyelashes rather it be the Red Cherry false eyelashes, Miss Adoro or your favorite brand. Most of the false eyelashes on the market come prepared with a self adhesive strip to adhere the eyelashes to the eyelid but we all know that you can get more wear out of those lashes by simply applying your own eyelash adhesive. Now you can wear your eyelashes over and over getting the most for you money.

There is a variety of duo eyelash adhesive that makes it easy to get the perfect eyelash look. Choose from the clear adhesive which will dry invisible or choose a dark tone that will blend great with black or brown eyelashes. It is also waterproof (great for swimming season).

Duo Eyelash adhesive is safe and easy to use. Simply apply the adhesive to the base of the eyelash and bend the lashes back and forth for 30 seconds allowing the adhesive to get sticky.  Never apply the adhesive directly to your eyelid.

Creating Beautiful Eyes Tip #1 : Before putting on your eyelashes go ahead and apply your eyeshadow and eyeliner.

So where can you buy Duo Eyelash Adhesive? You can simply click on the “Buy Now” link above or click here to check out the variety of Duo Eyelash Adhesive

Creating Beautiful Eyes Tip #2:

Also for those of you with light color lashes try tinting them with the Godefroy 28 day mascara. It will give you dark lashes that last and you can quit fussing with that mascara. Now you can wake up with noticeable lashes.


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