Do Eyelashes Grow Back? Yes. Here is How to Get Them back.

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Do eyelashes grow back? Of course, otherwise we would all be without lashes. Our eyelashes are constantly falling out and then growing back. The average is that a lash last for 2-3 weeks. So you are constantly loosing and growing back eyelashes. Several things can increase your eyelash loss. You can loose eyelashes when you wear mascara, false eyelashes, eyelash extensions, using an eyelash curler or rubbing the eye. Anything that puts stress on your eyelashes can increase loss.

So how do you get eyelashes to grow back? The obvious way is wait. More than likely your eyelashes will grow back in themselves without doing anything. This is just the natural process. You lose lashes and eyelashes grow back.

Now if you’ve lost a lot of eyelashes and it is bothering you, there are options. First of all you can try wearing false eyelashes like Red Cherry lashes or Miss Adoro eyelashes. Both of these are made of 100% human hair to give you a natural look. They are available in daily use styles that are not overly dramatic and will look very natural. With false eyelashes you can get instant results while waiting for your lashes to grow back.

If you are looking for a way to get your eyelashes to grow back and would like to also strengthen them you can use an eyelash growing serum. You may have heard of Latisse from TV or radio ads. This is a product available through prescription that has been proven to grow in your lashes longer and thicker and also make them stronger. However not all of us want to go to the doctor to get our eyelashes to grow back.

There is eyelash growing serums that is available to everyone and is very affordable. International Research Labs Rapidlash Eyelash Enhancing Serum also know as simply Rapidlash is the best selling eyelash enhancing serum. This is available without a prescription and gets high reviews on how effective it is for growing back eyelashes.