Diva Lash Eyelash Extension Kit: All You Need for an Incredible Price

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For all of you  out there that would love to have beautiful lashes like Paris Hilton or Star Jones but can’t afford the hundreds of dollars that eyelash extensions cost, here is a great product for you. All bundled up in one little bag is all the tools, glues, lashes and instructions you need to be able to put on eyelash extensions yourself.


Diva Lash Extension Kit contents

  • Instructional DVD
  • 3 packs of lashes
  • 100 micro brushes
  • alcohol swabs
  • Gel eye patch
  • Eyelash tape
  • European eyelash curler
  • Eyelash extension tweezer tool kit
  • Longer lasting stay on glue
  • Glue Remover


The instructional DVD is easy to follow and makes the steps to apply the eyelash extensions very simple. Not only do salons purchase the Diva lash kit but it is great for at home use. Anyone can get great looking lashes.

The longer lasting glue allows the lashes to stay on for 2-3 weeks but many customers report that they stay on even longer. This is even if you enjoy going swimming or live in high humidity areas. The eyelash glue can endure about anything giving you long lasting eyelash extension. The other plush to the glue and probably the most important factor is that is does not burn your eyes or have strong odors like other glues. It can make it difficult to apply extensions if your eyes are burning from the glue. Customers go on and on about how great the glue is for applying the eyelash extensions. Also included in the kit is Eyelash extension glue remover. When it is time to replace your extensions this will make it easy to remove the glue an get your lashes ready for the new extensions.

This is such an incredible price. The kit will give you all the eyelash extension supplies you need to do your own lashes. After the initial purchase of the Diva lash kit you can then replenish it with your choice of lashes and glue but already have the tools needed to apply the extensions for as long as you want.


Creating Beautiful Eyes tip 1:

The eyelash glue is black and with the lashes can eliminate the need for mascara. However if your eyelashes are light colored, a great option would be to have them tinted before you apply your extensions. The Godefroy 28 day mascara gives those light lashes long lasting color and gets rid of the need for traditional mascara. With the extensions and the Godefroy eyelash tint you can wake up ready to go with beautiful eyes.

Creating Beautiful Eyes tip 2:

To get the best eyelash extensions at home, have a friend come over and assist you. Not only can you have a little company but also have some girl time fun getting eyelash extension. Next share your Diva lash supplies and do her lashes. Now you both come out with beautiful eyes.

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