Beauty Central Tips: How to Remove Eyelash Extensions

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Removing eyelash extensions isn’t as easy as removing false eyelashes. After all they are put on with a long lasting glue that is acutally made to last until your natural lashes fall out (every three to six weeks out real lashes fall out and new ones grow in). The glue for the eyelash extensions is made to last this long. This allows for less maintenance and touch up appointments while wearing the eyelash extensions.

Salon Removal of Eyelash Extensions

If there is something wrong with your extensions or maybe you’ve decided the look is for you, the first place to look to get them removed is your salon. It is best for you to go back to the place you had the applied and ask them to remove them. They will have special tools that will help remove the eyelash extensions without causing you to lose your own lashes. The last thing you want is to be lashless.

For the do-it-yourself kind of person, if you put the extensions on at home and you bought an eyelash extension kit, there may be glue remover in it. Also if you purchased glue by itself, it very well could have came with and adhesive remover.  If your kit doesn’t have the glue remover you can buy some online and be on your way to removing the extensions.


Eyelash Extension Adhesive Remover

This eyelash extension remover is made to use with the gel type glue. It will dissolve the extension glue making for easier removal. The reviews were mixed with the main complaint being that it will burn if you get in your eyes. It was recommended to apply to a q-tip and then place on the extensions.

Make up remover

While wearing extensions you should only use oil free make up remover to extend the life of the extensions. So to remove them try using oily makeup removers. Just be gentle so that you don’t pull on your natural lashes. Take your time and be easy on your eyes.