Halloween Fingernail Art-Mummys


  I found this for my daughter. She is always doing a new design on her nails and since we are just a few weeks away from Halloween I thought she would love this. If you want to try it out I’ve included the how to video from simple little pleasures.
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Rose Braid for Weddings, Prom or Just a Fun Day

rose braid

  All I can say is Wow!  I saw a style like this on facebook the other day so I went out searching for something similar. My hair isn’t quite long enough to do this but for those of you that can I included the video tutorial from Cute Girl Hairstyles.
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How to Treat Oily Hair at Home

how to treat oily hair

I hate having oily hair. I shampoo everyday just to keep my hair in check. If you’re like me, you are very selective on the shampoos you choose. While surfing the web I came across an interesting article on how to treat oily hair  over at makeupandbeauty.com. There are some interesting ideas that I...
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DIY Mermaid Braids

diy mermaid braid

Seriously, this is just amazing. I have a two year old little girl and love fixing her hair. I am always on the look out for a fun and creative style. We aren’t quite ready to do this yet but when her hair get longer I will be ready. Check out below for the...
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Shampoo for Oily Hair: Phyto Shampoo

Phyto Shampoo for OIly Hair

  Are you ready for hair that has bounce, fullness and shine but instead end up with flat lifeless hair due to oiliness, this brand may be just the thing for you. The reason you hair is oily is due to overactive sebaceous glands. This can also cause acne. However in the scalp area...
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All You Need to Know About Envyderm Eyelash Enhancement & Conditioning Nighttime Serum


  EnvyDerm Eyelash Enhancement & Conditioning Nighttime Serum has proven that it will lengthen and thicken you lashes in as little as six weeks. The clinical studies on this eyelash growth serum showed an increase of 25% when it came to the density and length of you lashes but some seen as much as...
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VB Beauty Lash Eyelash Growth Serum


Have you ever envied a friend, coworker, family member or maybe a celebrity because they have naturally long, thick, full and dark eyelashes? Do you feel like the unlucky one that was born with thin, sparse and unnoticeable lashes? Well, the truth is that you may be envying people that have already discovered eyelash...
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Lashem Eyelash Serum for Improving Your Lashes

Lashem Eyelash Serum

  Why can’t we all have luxurious eyelashes that are so noticeable that people point out how great they look? Well if you have navigated around The Beauty Central you have noticed a great deal of products out there that can do just that. We can all get longer, fuller and thicker lashes by...
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Fysiko Eyelash Serum: Lash Growth Product

Fysiko Eyelash Serum

  Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum is now available online to better serve consumers world wide and is Made in the USA. It has been sold in spas and salons in the Utah region. To give access to all of those seeking out a way to enhance their natural lashes the owner has expanded to...
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Revplex Eyelash Serum for Lash Enhancement

Revplex-Eyelash Serum

Revplex Eyelash enhancement serum will give you those luscious lashes you have been waiting for. The clinical and independent studies have been done and show great results that will tempt you to try this product so that you too can have more noticeable lashes in as little as four weeks. The clinical studies demonstrated...
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